Plant Protein

Plant Protein

Plant Protein

Plant Protein

Plant Protein
Plant Protein
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Frozen Plant-Based Protein

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Origin: Taiwan


Main ingredients: vegetable protein such as nuts, beans and cereals.


1. Meticulously chose and made from non-genetically modified soybean protein and wheat protein.

2. Flavoring of plant-based medicinal herbs and spices without the use of chemical and other flavor pigments.

3. Adopt VCO cold pressed coconut oil rich in most medium chain fatty acids.

4. Adding of advanced health food ingredients such as seaweed ion calcium and sea fungus to balance acidic constitution and supplement calcium.

5. Contain water-soluble fiber which cultivate intestinal and beneficial bacteria.

6. Strong randomness, can add various ingredients to change at will.

7. Replacing of meat taste is excellent.

Basic method of cooking:

1. After defrosting the plant protein, add mushrooms and chop and mix as a base.

2. Add vegetables of various colors at will.

3. It can be steamed, boiled, fried or fried after being mixed evenly.


Weight: 1.2kg